Nature Therapy
The rush of life, intense work pressure, crowded environments, cars, lights, horns, traffic … He wanted to keep away from stress. Besides being an adventure enthusiast, he loved the peaceful side of nature. At weekends, he could reach Kastamonu either by plane or by car. The sound of the running water while going across the suspension bridge in Horma Canyon, the landscape in the observation terrace in Valla Canyon, the point where Çatak Canyon dominates Küre Mountains National Park and Ilıca Waterfall's peaceful setting was almost like therapy. While wandering in Araç Plateau, he took off his shoes and stepped on land in bare feet. He felt that the negative energy was getting off his body, and he was feeling peaceful with the energy he received from the sunlight. He lied down on the grass in the shadow of the big pines in Ilgaz Mountains National Park. He enjoyed Abana, İnebolu, the Black Sea on Cide beaches. He left himself in clear water in Gideros and Ginolu, which are natural inlets. In Daday Horse Farm, he discovered the nature with his fellow horses. When he received information of snow, he went to Ilgaz Ski Resort with his ski set. This city was keeping his soul alive.



  • biking (3)

  • hiking (20)

  • riding (2)

  • swimming (4)


daday horse farm


ilgaz winter tourism center (kastamonu)


kastamonu city center

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