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She accompanied to people to a certain point who love to be in touch with nature in Horma Canyon. While people were returning at the end of the wooden walkway, her adventurous side was dominant, and she wanted to go beyond the rough roads and deep waters. Therefore, she had received a professional mountaineering training. When she reached the end of the canyon with a few her congenial friends, they found themselves at the summit of Ilıca Waterfall. She felt that she was alive as she jumped from the top into the water that the waterfall accumulated. Although she could not fly like a bird in Valla Canyon, she could go into the depths of the scenery she watched. She discovered Küre Mountains National Park in Çatak Canyon. When she reached Ilgarini Cave with the guide, she went to the depths of the cave. She quaffed the natural spring water while jumping from the rocks that formed for millions of years ago in Ersizlerdere Canyon. She stored power in the fall while the spring and summer seasons were feeding her adventurous spirit. She made the best of her ski set in Ilgaz Winter Tourism Center while the first snowflakes, the precursor of winter, were falling Kastamonu. Adrenaline was in the depths of this city.



  • all terrain vehicle (atv) (2)

  • biking (3)

  • canyoning (4)

  • caving (1)

  • riding (2)

  • Skiing (1)

  • wild life (4)


daday horse farm


ilgaz winter tourism center (kastamonu)

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