dance with blue
He was in the Kastamonu coastline that inspired the poets, gathered people around it with the sun setting from the sea and accompanied the Black Sea with 170 km length. While he was swimming in the natural inlet in Ginolu Inlet and Castle, he could count the stones under the water one by one. He proceeded on his way by following the green to the left and blue to the right. He arrived in Abana Coast; the sun was set from the sea. While he was spending the time in the tent he had set, he daydreamed with the beauty of the sea sparkles. The rest of the journey was to the Inebolu Coast. In the morning, he had his breakfast in company with the view of the Black Sea. The window of the red ochre-colored houses was opened to the Black Sea, which showed itself through the trees. He let himself into the water when he arrived Cide Coast. He swam, sunbathed for hours and enjoyed the Black Sea. In the evening, he was at Gideros Inlet, which is the end of the route he planned. He accompanied the playing hüzzam maqam while eating fish in nature’s wonder inlet that was hidden in the forest and protected from sea waves. “You say wait in the place where it is dark, but you don’t come …” He would never forget this dance he performed with blue throughout his life.



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