kanlıca mushroom
kanlıca mushroom
She walked across the pine trees in the forest. This time the goal was not an adventure, but to have some rest and if she was lucky, to find a special type of local mushroom, so-called Kanlıca (bloody) mushroom. She heard the fame from very far away of the mushrooms of Kastamonu that emerges after the autumn rains. She wanted to take a look at the place and taste the mushroom, instead of buying from the market. She started searching for the rustling sounds of dry leaves and branches fell to the ground when they were stepped. She knew she was lucky, but she had not expected to find the mushroom right away. 4-5 of them together with its red colors were hiding under the soil. She was telling her friends about the places she saw, but she would not mention the taste of Kanlıca mushroom. Because she did not want to make them jealous. She smiled mischievously while eating the mushrooms she roasted on fire and enjoyed the day.


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