araç plateau (fındıklı, gölcük, sıragömülü)
araç plateau (fındıklı, gölcük, sıragömülü)
On hot summer days, she would take her friends there who wanted to be away from the bustle of the city. They sometimes had day trips and sometimes camped in tents. This time she wanted to go alone. She passed through the mountains and reached the Araç Plateau, the cool highlands with a wonderful view. As she knowed that the highland was always cool even in the middle of the summer, she always had a coat in her bag. Most of the highland houses built with the wood-cladding technique without using nails would be empty. Whenever she went there, she went out to the terrace and watched the scenery as if she were living in the house. She also learned during previous visits that she should not drink fast the plateau water as cold as ice. All that has to be done to enjoy this pleasure is to reach the 1,750m-elevation highland, 20 kilometers away from Araç town. She felt like she was getting younger since she came to Kastamonu. .


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ile özgü bazı lezzetler


çekme helva (pulling halva)


etli ekmek

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cankırı ılgaz winter tourism center

female meadow

ılgaz mountain national park (cankırı)



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