She put the turkey in a clay pot and added water and gave the turkey to the baker Sait Abi in the neighborhood for cooking. In fact, she could do it in a pressure cooker, but everything should proceed as it should be. At that time, she folded the phyllo dough, she had bought in 2 to 3 pieces and cut them all into bite-size pieces. And she crushed the walnuts in a pestle. When the turkey meat was cooked, she pulled it out of the water and rended by hand. The meal called “Banduma,” whose name comes from the phyllo dough dipped in turkey’s water was about to ready. She sorted the phyllo dough dipped in turkey’s water on a tray as a layer of the diagonal cross. She then sprinkled the flesh on it and continued it for three or four times. She added the remaining meat to the empty space in the middle of the tray and then sprinkled the walnuts after pouring the hot melted butter. I think “a meal fit for a king” was used for banduma.


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