çekme helva (pulling halva)
çekme helva (pulling halva)
While sipping his coffee in the garden of the mansion, “pulling halva” was offered by the hosts. As if there was nothing in this city without a story. He liked listening to the rumors: In the 1800s in Kastamonu, an Aga had a beautiful daughter. When the time for marriage came, he promised that he would marry her with someone who could make a dessert thinner than the strand of her hair. A young named Abdulsamet made a very finely thinned halva with his mother. Because they thickened the halva by pulling reciprocally in the outward direction to get the consistency of a thin wire, it is called “pulling halva”. Aga liked the halva very much, and also loved Abdulsamet and of course married her daughter with him. He was unable to hide his astonishment when he heard that it could still possible to be heard the sounds of “pull it! pull it!” while passing in front of a halva shop or factory, and to be witnessed that 5 to 6 people are trying to thicken the halva by pulling reciprocally in the outward direction to have an appropriate consistency and thickness.


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