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While wandering in the historic streets of Kastamonu, he could not help looking at a store showcase. A middle-aged lady was weaving fervently on the weaving loom. He wondered and walked in the store by greeting. The lady, Emine, showed him with excitement the sheets, the clothes and the fabrics she wore. The lace-like ornament hanging from the side of the sheets attracted his attention. Emine told us that he was preparing the local weaving called “Sari Kıvrak” by knotting cotton yarn with the fingertips without using tools on two long sides of the bed sheets. Point lace, handkerchief and hand-painted kerchief that were widely used in the traditional songs can also be done using the same technique. As one of the songs said, “Yellow Kerchief under her tangled hair, what it would be nice sleep two head on one pillow...”s


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