ersizlerdere canyon
ersizlerdere canyon
She was able to guess that Ersizlerdere Canyon had a story because of its name. When she reached Ersizlerdere (“no soldier” creek) Village of Küre province, she learned its real story while chatting with Uncle Fatih. It had taken its name because no privacy was left to even perform a funeral prayer in the village because of the fall of the brave soldiers who went to the War of Independence. The canyon fascinated her with its beauty resembling the Alps. Every time she pressed the stones in the water flowing from the middle as if she was going back a year in time, feeling the history with natural beauty. She walked to the little waterfall at the end. She pulled the bottled water out of her bag, and she laughed herself while she was about to drink. The natural spring water was already flowing from her underneath. She quaffed all the water. She was thankful for her own presence with gratitude to the martyrs.


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