etli ekmek
etli ekmek
He knew that he would be held in high esteem when he went on a visit to anyone in Kastamonu. Reflecting one of the basic characteristics of our culture, the saying "the guest always has a place on top of us" was not for nothing. They could prepare all the local dishes to please a guest, and they would never believe that he was satisfied. Bread with meat, quickbread with ground meat layer on top, which was made for hospitality treat at home in the town of Daday, spread to all Kastamonu over time. They called it “Bread with Meat,” the flavor that was formed by mixing onion, parsley and spice with twice-minced meat prepared into the unleavened dough and roasting them in a domed round iron plate. Since it was made without oil, those who prefer to put butter on it, would not regret. He thought about, “Those who return home without tasting this flavor, which is available on the menu of many restaurants, miss a lot.” He could not describe the taste settled down on his palate. .


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