gideros bay
gideros bay
She was in the bay where Gideros rocks shielded the peevish waves of the Black Sea. Such that the inner part was as calm as a lake and wild ducks were domesticated enough to approaching people. Taking 12 kilometers away from Cide was enough to get here. It was huge to hear the settlement at the Gideros Bay was set up by the amazons 3,500 years ago. Did not the pebble stones in the water indication of its clarity witness to those moments? Probably, chestnut, lime, pine, beech, fir and oak trees in the Gideros forest were also aware of this situation. As if everyone was lost in the flow of nature in the Gideros Bay. Those who watched the view, those who found peace with the sound of water, fishing people, those who went to sailing with sandal, swimming people, trees, birds, nature... “Wonderful!” she said. She would feel bad if she did not eat fish and taste the salad against this view before going to sailing with sandal.


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