horma canyon
horma canyon
He had heard the praise of Horma Canyon from his friends many times. Being a nature and adventure enthusiast, he set off on a journey again. It was enough to drive 5 more kilometers by a car after reaching the Pinarbasi district. He reached the canyon entrance by continuing further only 500 meters from the wooden path on foot. He could feel the chillness of the flowing water to the bone as he crossed the suspension bridge. He was cautious, and this situation was motivating him even more. After a certain point the road ended, adventure enthusiasts wanted to go further with their equipment while landscape lovers were returning. He had heard that the obstacles would increase as he continued on the road. Even many climbers had only been able to go until a certain point down the canyon. Ilica Waterfalls was the point where the 4 kilometers-long canyon was reached an open, spacious place. Maybe not today, but when the crowd went away, his goal was to reach to Ilica waterfall.


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