ilgarini cave
ilgarini cave
He knew it would be tough before he hit the road. He had heard from people who had gone there before. Ilgarini Cave was 36 kilometers away from Pinarbasi province. From the last point accessible by car, it required a walk of over 1 hour on a mountain road full of rocks. However, for people who loved discovering new places, this journey was not a problem at all. It would have been worth it if, at the end, there were traces of human life from the year 2000 BC, a village ruin thought to belong to the Byzantine period was to be found while walking the 850 meters long cave, the remains of a church with graves were to be coincided by passing through the winding roads made of stone. He was fascinated when he saw the entrance of the cave. Kastamonu continued to amaze him, as he entered. He thought that everyone should see this beauty and felt lucky to see all of these.


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  • If you want to go to the Ilgarini cave, please contact with a guide. Transportation to the cave is only possible up to a certain point. After leaving your car at the point, you need to walk in the forest for an hour.
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