inebolu beach
inebolu beach
He was in Inebolu, the only province that has a medal of war of independence, and about which Atatürk said during the war of independence, “I have my eyes on Sakarya, Dumlupınar and my ears on Inebolu.” It welcomed you when you crossed the hill with its historic painted houses, the cute narrow streets, the Geris and Apas hills, the monuments, the mosques, and the Turkish Society and the beach. He felt that he gained meaning with the past of this city. He sucked up the smell of the sea and headed towards the beach to swim. He enjoyed the sea by swimming for hours in the chilly waters of the Black Sea. He was thankful for the moment he lived now, while feeling the gratitude to its own history and its ancestors. The beach was appealing to both his eyes and his soul, as the sun set from the sea.


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