küre mountains national park
küre mountains national park
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Could he end up touring the Kure Mountains National Park located in such a very large area? In each season, the national park which consists of canyons, valleys, waterfalls, and forests has its own beauty. When visiting the national park, one of the nine hot spots to be protected in Turkey, he was approaching with great care to even the smallest part of a branch. The Kure Mountains, which started from the Bartin River in the West, reaches Kızılırmak in the East with a length of about 300 km; the mountain ranges called the Isfendiyar Mountains were extending to the Black Sea in the North and the Gokirmak in the South. He knew he was at the peak of the Kure Mountains at 2,019 m altitude when he went up to the Yaralıgoz Mountain. Evliya Celebi was not mistaken for this place when he described it as “Sea of Tree,”, the national park, which presents every shade of nature that photographers pour in for shooting especially in the autumn, shows how important it was for Kastamonu.


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