mahmutbey mosque
mahmutbey mosque
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She learned about it while talking to her teacher, a history professor. Built with nesting technique without using nails, the Mahmutbey Mosque was filling Turkey and Kastamonu with pride by having included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List. Built by Candaroglu Mahmut Bey in 1336 (Gregorian) and 735 (Hijri), the mosque was a piece of art, with its all finest details. One could feel its soul as soon as she entered the gate. This situation has also attracted the attention of the thieves who disregard and disrespect the history, and the original historical door was stolen but taken back from the persons who stole it after outstanding work and put under protection in Liva Pasha Mansion. The new door, a replication of the original one, welcomed its guests, on the other hand. She was planning for a long time to visit this unique structure and feel it in-site rather than listen to what was spoken. Finally, she was enjoying the beautiful feelings she had experienced when she came in.


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