architect vedat tek culture center
architect vedat tek culture center
He was at the Vedat Tek Culture and Art Center where he thought that those who came to Kastamonu should definitely visit. Turkey’s first and only hat museum was also here. After the proclamation of the Republic, Atatürk came to Kastamonu and declared “the hat revolution” in 1925. The exhibition of the hats that the collectors kept with care has added a distinct atmosphere to the city. He wondered about its stories as he was happy as if he found a treasure, among tens of hats. He wondered who dressed all these hats and lived what memories with these. The architect of the Kastamonu Government Mansion and also one of the pioneers of the national architectural movement, Vedat Tek’s name was given to the center. In addition to the hat museum, he visited the 75th Year Republican House, where weapons used in the struggle for independence were exhibited, the Lace House, where hand-woven laceworks were exhibited, and the house where Kitre dolls were exhibited as well as and the 3-part gallery and the relief hall, and as a result he almost got drunk according to the history.


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