rifat ilgaz house
rifat ilgaz house
“To the belt leaping from pulley Have you got your arm, my Ali? The leavers already went away, my Ali Right arm of the jacket is empty now Let’s keep your baglama hanging on the wall, Waiting for a plectrum …” He thought of his verses above as he entered the master’s house. While ascending up the stairs, he took his steps carefully, examining his artifacts. He learned that Rifat Ilgaz, born in 1911 at this house, was suffering from illnesses and troubles during his teaching and writing life. In his writings and poetry, Rifat Ilgaz evaluated his period using a plain language. The master who set the throne in the hearts with the play “Hababam Sınıfı”, reached much more people with the adaptation of the play to the cinema. He returned to his hometown, Cide in 1974 after lived many years in Ankara and İstanbul, and died in Istanbul in 1993. To show his respect to the master, he would recommend this house that had its own soul, to all friends who would come to Kastamonu.


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