taşköprü garlic
taşköprü garlic
When she came to Kastamonu, she saw that garlic was sold everywhere and she thought that the garlic should have had a special meaning for this place. According to what she learned, garlic, which was used for healing purposes 3,000 years ago in the Egyptian Pyramids, had almost treated and accepted Taşköprü as its homeland. Because of the structure of the soil in the province, the taste which spreads on the garlic has distinguished it from the others and presented the brand of "Taşköprü Garlic" to the humanity. She learned from the people of the region that they owed their being vigorous and resistant to diseases to garlic, so-called the white-gold. She went to a restaurant with her friend and tasted the food made with this wonderful garlic. After the feast, she wanted to send the garlic, the drug of nature, to her relatives for both adding flavor for their food, and their healing. She smiled when she thought that even the garlic could be taken as a gift from Kastamonu.


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