Sold as the bald simit (Turkish bagel) in the bakery shops of Kastamonu, simit without sesame went well with a fresh tea. Sometimes when we went on a nature trip, the simit also went well with olive and cheese. When he ate tirit while wandering around, he wondered how this wonderful flavor is made. Aunt Ümran did not forget to tell its story while showing how to make tirit. She explained that Anatolian people would not waste even the stale food left over, rather evaluate and utilize it and that it came from a spiritual culture. Thus, he learned how to make tirit from Aunt Ümran using the bald simit. She would cut the bald simit into small pieces with her hand, and poured the hot bone water on it. This step was very important, the simit should neither be exposed to too much water nor should they be dry. After adding the yogurt with garlic on the simit, she would add the roasted minced-meat with spice and lastly melted organic butter. He thought that he should do this recipe to his friends at home.


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