valla canyon
valla canyon
When she half-opened the window, the sun was already risen. It was not a late hour to go to Valla Canyon. She would come after her adventurous side today. She wore hiking clothes. She was supposed to move freely and comfortably in the nature. It was only 26 kilometers away from Pınarbaşı province. It was not a bad plan if you thought of the pleasure at the end. So much so that, it was one of the deepest canyons in the world, located in the Küre Mountains National Park. Thanks to the trail extending to the observation terrace, people were able to get to the summit very comfortably. It was a wonderful sight for nature lovers. Only those who are trained in mountaineering having necessary equipment have added a new one to their adrenaline-filled adventures at the end of a 12-kilometer track. The birds flying in the sky made her feel the sweet summer breeze.


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