75. yıl cumhuriyet museum
75. yıl cumhuriyet museum
He began to breathe the smell of green, stone buildings and timber as he entered the courtyard. His first stop was the stone building where the toy museum and Kastamonu photos were present. While he was inhaling the mystical air of the museum, toy cars took him to his childhood. At the same time, the naivety of the baby dolls in the Baby House carried the traces of the clothes of the past. He remembered the moments that his mother prepared for the guests while visiting the Lace House, and he smiled involuntarily. While he was placing the colored napkins next to the fork and knife, his mother put the cake plates on the handicraft laceworks. In addition to the 75. Yıl Cumhuriyet Museum that shed light on the recent history, the presence of the building, in which the personal items of the ancestor who struggled in the War of Independence and the Dardanelles battle, touched him. According to the research, the museum bearing the name of the deceased Architect Vedat Tek was opened to service in 2000 and were present today with the attachments made in 2007. He breathed the peace in the museum where Turkish culture and history of Kastamonu were exhibited.


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