archeology museum
archeology museum
She knew that these territories were home to many civilizations. In the light of this information, Archeology Museum would be an address for her to enjoy. While wandering in the center of the city, she easily reached the museum using the placed signs. While she was entering through the garden gate, ancient aesthetic ruins greeted her. After reviewing the works, each of which had a separate story, she was welcomed by good-humoured museum officials as she entered the stone building. They said that the building was built in 1910 and was made entirely of face stone. All archaeological works collected from the surrounding provinces in 1940 showed that the history of the museum was quite old. While traveling the high-ceilinged building, the presence of the Atatürk Corner, as well as the archaeological remains, attracted her attention. The items that Ata used when he came to Kastamonu were exhibited in this section. She could examine the museum, where there were 1495 archeological works and 30312 coins were exhibited, only in one day. That Kastamonu protected its history pleased her.


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