benli sultan tomb
benli sultan tomb
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According to rumor Benli Sultan got to the Hacet Hill, one of the summits of Mount Ilgaz, and the stone he threw there fell to the place where Benli Sultan tomb is present, which is thousands of kilometers away from the summit. The friend of Allah has also established his islamic monastery here. He was unable to hide his astonishment when he heard that the stone exhibited in the tomb was the stone that fell down. According to rumor, Benli Sultan understands what all living things feel and talked to them. So, the presence of a large number of birds, bears and many different animal plants in the village also confirmed this rumour. He wanted to visit the tomb in Ahlat village of Kastamonu by admiring the sensitivity of the soul feeling that the stone fell down there. He learned new information from the imam of the mosque within Benli Sultan Benli Sultan, who was written to have lived in the 920s in Kastamonu Provincial Yearbook. The Ottoman rulers who had great respect for the friends of Allah without fail left their marks on the tomb of Benli Sultan. So, Yavuz Sultan Selim built the complex where there are mosque, kitchen, guest house and tomb between 1512-1520. He was peaceful while leaving Benli Sultan Tomb which is located between the trees containing each tone of green.


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