dipsiz lake
dipsiz lake
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It was inevitable for her to go Tosya and see this beauty closely after the beauty and natural wonders she heard about Dipsiz Lake. When she reached the lake which is 25 km away from the center, she brewed tea in her samovar in company with the spectacular nature. While sipping her tea, she was obtaining confirmation in her mind by observing the nice comments she heard about it. Dipsiz Lake was almost the definition of peace with the arbours designed for visitors and the presence of bungalow houses around her, spread on an area of 500 square meters in green like a bride. She walked on the road in the forest and noticed with the signs front of her that the summit reached up to 3500 meters. She was so glad when she found an empty arbour with a view of the lake. She participated in the hospitality of the Turkish people and the beauty of the Dipsiz Lake by inviting picnickers to their tables on the day she enjoyed the tea.


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