yesil gol (green lake)
yesil gol (green lake)
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He would continue to explore the nature of Kastamonu with the Green Lake within the boundaries of Tosya district. Because he still remembered the pleasure he had in Dipsiz Lake. When he looked at it from the map, he learned that he would reach the Green Lake after 28 km. While driving his car, he passed by the Horse Riding Pond, which was also used as a dam. It was as remarkable as the natural lakes in the forest. When he reached his destination he was regretted because he did not take his tent with him. In front of the landscape he saw, he thought that this place could be an important place for campers, by the location of the pond. When the pond, where the trees were embraced with joy, was combined with the green of the forest, it deserved its name. He spread the cover that he brought with him against the scenery and laid on it. The birds chirping in his ears and the wonderful awe of nature reminded him of the picnic memories he had with his family in childhood. Each region of this city left deep memories in his heart. He greeted the Green Lake and enjoyed the moment.


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