ethnographic museum (liva pasha mansion)
ethnographic museum (liva pasha mansion)
Ethnographic museums have always attracted his interest. The museum known as Liva Paşa Mansion was appealing to its aesthetic pleasure with its structure consisting of wood. When he entered the museum, he learned from the official that the building was built by Mir Liva Sadık Pasha between 1879 and 1881 and transformed into an ethnography museum in 1997. He came across the old Kastamonu's photo images in the ground floor of the museum consisting of three sections. He examined the Kastamonu handicraft works in the middle floor. It was a very enjoyable time for him. Without losing time, he went to the upstairs, summer house, and the old mansion culture met him in this section. The man praying with the Qur'an at the head of his bed, the bride drinking coffee with her mother-in-law, the mother cradling her child in the cradle, and the householders eating on the floor table. He experienced one more historical building that will embellish the pages of the diary.


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