hanönü historical inn
hanönü historical inn
She was approximately 29 km long way from the center and reached Hanönü Historical Inn which is integrated with the district of Hanönü. During researches, she learned that this inn, affected by the name of the district, was on the Silk Road route and previously used as a place of commerce and accommodation. When she entered into Hanönü, she did not need to ask the address, so the historical inn welcomed her. The inn, which was separated from other buildings as a building in the center of the city, was built with mortar from rubble stone. As she learned from an Arabic epigraph in it, it was a structure with a history of 557 years. The fact that it was built by Tatlu Hatun, wife of İsfendiyar Bey who was one of the rulers of Candaroğlu Beylik, was deducted as a footnote it. While leaving Hnönü district, she left behind a historical place which would also be remembered about Kastamonu.


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