inebolu houses
inebolu houses
He set off to move the İnebolu's success in the War of Independence beyond, to listen and see it. The moment he entered the district, which was 90 km away from Kastamonu, he observed that the painted houses integrated with İnebolu adorned the streets and added color to the silhouette of the city. These houses built by the Inebolu masters in the 19th century within their own aesthetic pleasures were competing each other to see the sea. While visiting the baths designed in the style of Turkish bath, he went to moments when his mother tried to prepare warm water so that he would not burn. The high and embroidered ceilings of the houses were the most beautiful examples of the Ottoman architecture. The painted houses, which rose like masters of the city, witnessed the sunset of the sun with the fruit trees in the gardens. The glamour of the houses placed with an architect special to slope gave an incredible aesthetic spirit to İnebolu. The flowers in front of the ochered windows were blending the district with war of independence medal in a loving state as well as its heroism.


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