on the way to salvation, inebolu city museum
on the way to salvation, inebolu city museum
With the exhibition dealing with İnebolu's success in the War of Independence by the name of "On the way to salvation, İnebolu city museum" and its culture, Inebolu City Historical Museum was another point where she would observe the past with respect. The museum established with the efforts of İnebolu Municipality in 2017 was granted an award in the museum promotion contest organized by the association of historical cities in the same year. While wandering in the museum, the exhibition of the works collected mostly by the donations of the people was a sign that the city protected its history. Atatürk Corner in the museum, archaeological works, natural life remains and independence medal doubled the importance of this place. The City History Museum was one of the reasons of people to visit İnebolu besides its natural beauties. So, she was so proud of the great intense of visitors to museum. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who kept an eye on the front and ears in İnebolu, could sleep with peace of mind because of the descendants protecting its values.


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