inebolu turkish chamber
inebolu turkish chamber
When he arrived İnebolu, İnebolu Turkish Chamber welcomed him with the Turkish flag, flagging proudly next to and in front of the historical houses. He quietly climbed the ladders of İnebolu Turkish Chamber, one of Turkish chambers established based on Turkism on March 25, 1912. He thought as if he would disrespect his ancestors in case of any noise from each step. The breezes of the War of Independence were felt in every room of the building that has been preserved since 1893 without losing its architectural character. İnebolu, which was awarded the Independence Medal on April 9, 1924, deserved this honor throughly, and the announcement of hat law by Atatürk in 1925 in İnebolu was a nice footnote for Kastamonu. While observing the wax Atatürk Statue, his words "Gentlemen, the name of this headgear is hat" seemed to be echoing on the walls of the historic mansion. In addition, photographs of İnebolu's liberation struggle and ethnographic works of İnebolu and its surroundings were exhibited there.


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