sheikh shaban-i veli foundation museum
sheikh shaban-i veli foundation museum
He felt the spirituality of the city very deeply. Kastamonu, the city of dervishes, had a value and spirituality that would keep the spirit having the mystery of the life after death, alive until the end. He knew Hz Pir well as he listened and read his works, but Sheikh Shaban-i Veli's peace of mind, the gravity force of his supreme heart, led him to spend more time in the complex. He could sit for hours on the fountain and watch the shadow of the pine trees fall to the tomb. The complex located just below Kastamonu Castle welcomed the visitors. As he entered into the museum, it was written on the information epitaph that it was opened to visitors by the General Directorate of Foundations in 2006, and the items in it were brought from Kastamonu and the cities where he was serving. Personal items of the Sheikh Shaban-i Veli, manuscripts, charitable stones dating from the 1600s, carpets and many valuables were exhibited in the museum. While wandering inside of the two-story mansion, he felt the spirituality of the history in his soul.


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