kuyu kebab (well kebab)
kuyu kebab (well kebab)
Today he would taste a new flavor. Kastamonu was ambitious not only for its historical structures but also for its food culture. He learned the story of Kuyu Kebab (“Well” Kebap), which is known as “buryan” in some places. Abdurrahman Kesici, who served as a sergeant in attendance of Sultan Hamit, one of the Ottoman sultans, settled in Taşkopru after the Ottoman-Russian war, known as 93 warfare. Having tried Kuyu Kebab for the first time here and afterward, it has been appreciated by everyone and spread over many places of Anatolia. The season for Kuyu Kebab was opened especially when the spring lambs started to be put out to grass. Most of the Kastamonu until winter, welcomed the regulars of the kebab. He was refilling its energy that he drained in the valleys and the canyons. He remembered Abdurrahman Kesici with mercy and gratitude when tasting Kuyu Kebab.


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